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Yes, to Games!



However, most people don’t get why games work, which causes them to dismiss games as frivolous. Serious games is a laudable learning strategy, very interesting for coaches and trainers who need a new or extra businessmodel.

What do you think about working together with big level entrepreneurs on a beautiful place to work and to get a BIG breaktrough for your business?

Your mindset, confidence and business skills are asking for transformation to join HIGH END entrepreneurship.  Be a GAME CHANGER. Join our 3 days Game Changer Program. 

These 3 days we work hard and we have fun. Ofcourse there are deep conversations about the opportunities and challenges of being an entrepreneur. About how you create a game changer for your business and create a different lifestyle by designing a serious business game. Discover the POWER of Gamification! 

For years i’m going to seminars where a tremendous growth is happening to me. Because i surround myself with high level entrepeneurs, you cannot stay behind! You are called to bring a BIG CHANGE in the world trough your business. In my new Game Changer Program i’m going to share all my secrets of building and designing a serious business game.

I will teach you my WIN-method to develop a really good serious game based on your expertise and DNA. You can pick my brain during this program anytime. I’m looking forward to it. You also get access to all my audiobooks to help you to build a new businessmodel with your business game. The value of this unique program is about 15.000 euro, but guess what?? I’m totally crazy about sharing my knowledge and giving away my secrets. Its my desire to give many entrepreneurs access to this Game Changer Program. Get you ticket here!

Go where you connect with God in you and other inspiring entrepreneurs and bring your business to a new higher dimension. 

Its a relief to BE together with like-minded entrepreneurs during the inspiring 3 days of the Game Changer Program. I can’t wait to meet you and help you to build and develop a serious game of your own.

Be SHAMELESSLY who you are ment to BE. Its FUN!  Believing in breakthrough beyond your imagination. These entrepreneurs in our Game Changer Program are our best FRIENDS. Because there is a deeper connection and we know we can call them anytime to be there. That is true value! 

How many people in your environment understand what you are doing? 

You are who you’re closest friends are. The people who influence you, thats who you become. We desire to bring people into your life who bring you to a new dimension to be YOU and do business where God has put you.

Strategic planning means planning in a way that maximizes outcomes. Too many companies reach success once but then end up floundering. The reason is that these companies did not plan with any strategy in mind. Therefore at the new Game Changer Program; we do not do business, we strategise business.

In 3 days you are growing as an entrepreneur and developing a serious game for your business. You are going to experience a breakthrough in your business. In the Game Changer Program we share and develop together a new product for your business. You get a life changing breakthrough.

You want to make a high jump to grow in your business, you want to be NR 1 in the market and be YOU.

Because you are in an inspiring environment and you get support from a strong group, you feel trust. You will see the opportunities you can partake in your business. It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know. This people will experience this breakthrough with you and a strong bonding is the result.

You will get an unforgetable millionaire experience. We stand for beauty from ashes, comfort in love and excellence in quality. You can relax and get the best out of yourself and others. If you can’t wait, get your ticket here!

You are going to have a well-thought-out, passion-fueled strategy built on the skills and confidence that flow from rolling up your sleeves and learning what others simply do not know. The program will include; What you need to know about gamification, what is an excellent idea for a business game, how can i use my expertise in my own game, what kind of traps do you need to avoid in gamification, the winning lessons to learn to win, what kind of businessmodel can i use to sell my business game?

If you are stuck in old thinking about hard work, patience and ‘playing by the rules’, you are about to learn how to ‘ play BIG’ and be the star of your own GAME in life.

What do you get?

There are only a few spots available from 3 september till 5 september 2018 in the Netherlands. The investment is 15.000 euro, oh no wait, it’s only this year 3000 euro exc VAT. This is including lunches and drinks during the day.

You can purchase your entreeticket here. In the shop you can pay with Ideal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Go to the SHOP.

*The flight and hotel, diners are not included.

We start the day at 09.00 hour sharp. Be on time after your delicious breakfast at your hotel.

When you are back in your hometown, there are 2 online coaching calls you get. You also have access to my audiobooks who help you to develop a really good game.

Petra can help you with any question you have about developing the serious game. How amazing is the possibility to create something NEW completely based on YOU as an entrepreneur. We wait for you….

What do you need to bring?

A good sense of humor of course


 Yourself and your laptop


If you are an author, bring your book!


What is a serious business game?

In this 3 days we are building the foundation of your serious business game. Using my WIN-method to create an ultimate business learning game based on your expertise.

A serious business game is based on a boardgame or/and card games with an online academie. You develop a new businessmodel with your own content based on your DNA in a new product of gamification.

An example of a serious business game is Level UP!

Level UP! is a method for leadership and entrepeneural skills. You can train and coach people and organizations to a higher level.

Its a boardgames and 8 card games with different themes: from DNA, marketing, team building and entrepreneurship, innovation, networking and leadership. Look at the website to see our work at

An example of a serious business game is SOM7.

SOM7 is a method with 7 systems to build your business on a strong foundation. Using daily management, communication, services, finances, (online) sales, (online) marketing, statistics. Working with a Virtual Professional or Assistent using this method and serious game is the most wise thing to implement in your business.

Its a cardgame where you learn to bargain, it teaches you what kind of entrepreneur you are, it teaches you to work together with a virtual team, how to implement the 7 systems in your business. Look for our work at the website

Why do you need a serious game for your business?

Jolanda is a female entrepeneur who trains individuals to be entrepreneurs. Jolanda has a good business with a turnover van 100K a year and she wants to grow to 300K a year. We developed a serious game based on her expertise and her DNA as an entrepreneur. Jolanda told me her challenges and her dreams.She puts a lot of effort in finding new clients again and again. She loves her freedom and she wants to keep that. She has no upsell stream to keep clients close to her after the first sell. She wants to build her community and turn her clients into ambassadors for her brand. She needs to keep working with her clients so they stay with her, so she only had to find them once and build a relationship with them to stay connected. The end result of the development leads to a new personal branding and her serious game is a huge succes. Everybody wants to work with her product and service, because the serious game gives their business a strong foundation.

John is a businesscoach for CEO’s and provides leadership training for teams.  John told me his challenges and his dreams. He works with an old school businesscase. He is paid by one appointment at the time. John and his team put a lot of effort to finding new clients again and again. Clients stay for a short period for business coaching and move on. He really wants his own product where he is able to train his clients with his expertise. Because his clients need knowledge, but also new skills to be a better entrepreneur. He needs a businessmodel where he can grow. The end result with the development of the serious game, we came up with a whole new businessmodel. He reinvented himself and his business coaching. But most of all his clients where very happy with their new skills and love him even more than before. 

Can I use a serious gamification Online? 

You can use a serious business game to help you build an Online Business. Because there are different ways to implement a serious game online. Especially if you offer coaching or training in your online academy. You can use a whole new businessmodel if you implement gamification into your services.

You also can use a serious business game to build a strong community of ambassadors and as a grow strategy for you business.


When you confirm your spot, we offer you help with a hotel. We are located in the center of The Netherlands, Utrecht area. Ofcourse we can help you out to locate a nice hotel.

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